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Here is what Miguel Palma had to say about Media Services Global 

“At first, I thought the claim of 1st page in Google within 3 days was too good to be true, but…
You can trust what Sal Carrero and Media Services Global promises.
They met and exceeded our expectations.
He has our full endorsement.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website.”

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Warm Regards,
Miguel A. Palma, CPA, PFS, CGMA
11840 Dublin Blvd.
Dublin, CA. 94568

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RA Veitch Accountants from Norwood SA At The Forefront Of SMSF Strategies

RA Veitch Accountants, Accountants operating in Norwood SA, has today been recognised as being at the forefront of Self Managed Superannuation (SMSF) Strategies.

This news coincides nicely with RA Veitch Accountants recent recognition as a community favourite, due to the company been in business for its help with small business.

RA Veitch Accountants has been operating in the Accounting and SMSF market for 29 years and competes against notable businesses such as Wise Accountants and Norwood Accountants. They have been able to make such a strong impression on the market and gain reputation by the business constantly listening to what the clients are saying, instead of assuming they already know best.

Robert Veitch, RA Veitch Accountants Founding Partner spoke about its recent recognition, expanding on some of the decisions and motivations that led the business to the level it’s currently reached. “When RA Veitch Accountants was founded, it was made abundantly clear we wanted to be known in the market as a family-style business who puts people first.

One of the biggest challenges we faced was a sudden change to legislation for accountants in SMSF advice. Fortunately with some good people behind us, and complete confidence in our clients needs, we were able to overcome every obstacle and really hit our stride.

We want to stay up to date with all things SMSFs, legislation, investments, market trends and likes.” Robert Veitch also mentioned RA Veitch Accountants future plans involve the expansion of our financial services division.

It’s the hope of the company that this will serve their customers to a level beyond any of the competition. With economic climates and Superannuation legislation constantly changing it is extremely important for clients to understand, and be advised on what they can and cannot do, as not to miss an investment opportunity, or find themselves on the wrong end of an Audit.

RA Veitch Accountants provides correct and up-to-date advice on superannuation legislation and tax planning to help clients provide for their retirement years.

RA Veitch Accountants plans to maintain its position at the forefront of Self Managed Superannuation (SMSF) Strategies for years to come, building on its success, finding new ways to serve its community, customers and the world at large.

Robert’s end goal for his practice is to proactively assist families, with their business and financial lifestyle objectives. More information on RA Veitch Accountants can be found at their website: