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RA Veitch Accountants from Norwood SA At The Forefront Of SMSF Strategies

RA Veitch Accountants, Accountants operating in Norwood SA, has today been recognised as being at the forefront of Self Managed Superannuation (SMSF) Strategies.

This news coincides nicely with RA Veitch Accountants recent recognition as a community favourite, due to the company been in business for its help with small business.

RA Veitch Accountants has been operating in the Accounting and SMSF market for 29 years and competes against notable businesses such as Wise Accountants and Norwood Accountants. They have been able to make such a strong impression on the market and gain reputation by the business constantly listening to what the clients are saying, instead of assuming they already know best.

Robert Veitch, RA Veitch Accountants Founding Partner spoke about its recent recognition, expanding on some of the decisions and motivations that led the business to the level it’s currently reached. “When RA Veitch Accountants was founded, it was made abundantly clear we wanted to be known in the market as a family-style business who puts people first.

One of the biggest challenges we faced was a sudden change to legislation for accountants in SMSF advice. Fortunately with some good people behind us, and complete confidence in our clients needs, we were able to overcome every obstacle and really hit our stride.

We want to stay up to date with all things SMSFs, legislation, investments, market trends and likes.” Robert Veitch also mentioned RA Veitch Accountants future plans involve the expansion of our financial services division.

It’s the hope of the company that this will serve their customers to a level beyond any of the competition. With economic climates and Superannuation legislation constantly changing it is extremely important for clients to understand, and be advised on what they can and cannot do, as not to miss an investment opportunity, or find themselves on the wrong end of an Audit.

RA Veitch Accountants provides correct and up-to-date advice on superannuation legislation and tax planning to help clients provide for their retirement years.

RA Veitch Accountants plans to maintain its position at the forefront of Self Managed Superannuation (SMSF) Strategies for years to come, building on its success, finding new ways to serve its community, customers and the world at large.

Robert’s end goal for his practice is to proactively assist families, with their business and financial lifestyle objectives. More information on RA Veitch Accountants can be found at their website: http://raveitch.com.au/



Golf Training Demo Days Tee Time Instructor Lessons & Event Directory Launched

Online golf hub The Best of Golf has launched localized services for golfers, golf instructors and golf equipment suppliers. The website is a one-stop-shop for all things golf including lessons, events and equipment.

More information can be found here: https://www.thebestof.golf

The Best of Golf is a website dedicated to connecting golfers and potential golfers to their local golf communities including special events, demo days, discount tee times, professional instructors, courses and equipment for rent or purchase.

The website allows users to look up golf courses, equipment and instructors based on their unique location. Once the user enters their location, a list of local courses and instructors will come up, allowing users to contact and book with them directly.

Golf instructors and equipment suppliers can sign up to be included in the database, and once registered a searchable listing will be created, ultimately connecting them with more potential clients.

In addition to general golf lessons, the website has a database of golf instructors who specialize in different areas of the game including chipping, golf for beginner and intermediate skill levels, golf for seniors, skills to develop mental game, short game, pitching, putting, strength training and more.

Golf technology resources are also available through the site including FlightScope, SAM PuttLab, Radar Launch Monitors, K-Coach 3-D and FocusBand. Golf-related travel coordination is also offered including golf excursions in the Dominican Republic, Miami, California, Scotland and more.

The website also offers training videos blog articles with extensive resources and tips from professional golfers, curated specifically for the golf community. The Best of Golf intends to be the main resource used by golfers and golf professionals.

Two levels of membership are offered; free and premium. The premium membership includes being listed in up to 10 categories, the ability to post unlimited classifieds, job listings, events and the function to receive and post reviews. Interested golf professionals and anyone interested in golf can find more information at the link above.

Trade Your Blades is launching a new commercial knife sharpening and exchange service for restaurants in West Palm Beach.

Trade Your Blades is excited to announce the launch of its new restaurant knife sharpening and exchange service, a knife exchange program that will provide restaurants with razor sharp factory fresh commercial cutlery weekly at very affordable pricing. The official launch date for the restaurant knife exchange service is July 16, 2018

Trade Your Blades believes its restaurant knife exchange service will bring a much higher quality knife service with knives that have the sharpest edges available. Traditional knife services are notorious for the poor quality of the edges on their knives.

Tom Balletta , Owner at Trade Your Blades, says: ” We are releasing our new commercial knife sharpening and exchange service because we wanted to expand our services to restaurants in West Palm Beach.

As the national leader in the Pet clipper blade exchange service it is a natural extension of the company’s product line to offer restaurants the same high-quality razor-sharp cutlery they offer the pet grooming industry.

The launch is a great way for restaurants to try something new and support a community focused local business.

“Our long established ability to put razor sharp edges on commercial cutting implements makes the restaurant knife exchange service a natural for us” Says company representative Tom Balletta . “We notice that currently available restaurant knife exchange services in the greater West Palm Beach area provide knives with only the crudest of edges. “We will provide knives with only the finest of edges, sharpened in our factory” says Balletta. He continues “our company motto Never A Dull Moment is what we will bring to the restaurant industry in the greater West Palm Beach area”.

Their work is guaranteed and you can be comfortable having your knives sharpened by true professionals who have a deep passion for sharp steel.

Further information about Trade Your Blades new commercial knife sharpening and exchange service in West Palm Beach can be discovered at https://www.tradeyourblades.com/.

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Small Business Can Now Enjoy Better Online Presence in Australia with The SMEA

The SME Association of Australia has updated its Premium Membership offer to new members and old. Further information can be found at https://www.smea.org.au/premium-membership-benefits

The SME Association of Australia has further enhanced its Premium Membership inclusions, to benefit both new and existing members. Premium Membership offers a new level of membership for businesses wishing to increase their online visibility and ready for more growth.

Small Business Owners looking to enhance their online presence through Premium Membership can now take advantage of the new offering from The SME Association of Australia as the release is now officially available.

This is going to deliver a completely revamped membership experience for growing businesses active within the Small Business arena. The SME Association of Australia has been able to do this by taking advantage of their website’s trust, strong visitor traffic and their Google Adwords budget.

The SME Association of Australia is excited to unveil the latest benefits of Premium membership for small business as it’s specifically designed to improve the experience and better fulfil the needs of Small Business.

When asked to provide greater insight on the subject, Sal Carrero, Membership Program Manager at The SME Association of Australia said: “I think Small Business owners who become Premium Members now have the opportunity further grow their businesses”

The SME Association of Australia has made a point of listening to its customers and taking feedback wherever possible. They listen to members and have identified that one major source of frustration is how to generate more online leads at an affordable price.

The SME Association of Australia has made it part of its mission to become a small business favourite in the Small Business market. The Association is known amongst its members, fans and customers as constantly looking to improve its offerings , which Sal Carrero is immensely proud of, with the SMEA Association being operational now for 7 plus years.

Interested parties who would like to be among the first to experience the enhanced Premium Membership with The SME Association of Australia are encouraged to visit the website at https://www.smea.org.au/premium-membership-benefits for full details and to get started.

Contact Info:
Name: Sal Carrero
Email: members@smea.org.au
Organization: The SME Association of Australia
Address: Level 3/50 York Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

For more information, please visit https://www.smea.org.au/